Miss ShawHeats up Spring

On the heels of a record 2017, renowned Louisiana musician Amanda Shaw, has announced the release of a new CD, Please, Call Me Miss Shaw. The CD continues the local musician’s recent efforts of expressing independence and female empowerment through her music. 

Please, Call Me Miss Shaw offers fans a more diverse mix of mature sounds including popular singles Soulful Dress and Holiday, released last fall, as well as five other songs that tell the story of Shaw as a musician. The music also builds on Shaw’s unparalleled talent, pairing stimulating lyrics and powerful vocals, written and performed by Shaw, with the musician’s natural gift for playing the fiddle. 

 “Over the past twenty years, I have grown so much as an artist,” said Shaw. “As I continue to evolve, it is so important that my music reflects my growth, but remains true to my authentic sound. From writing songs to singing lead vocals, I have invested so much of myself into this project. That’s what Please, Call Me Miss Shaw means to me – evolution and authenticity – and I am so proud of the commitment I have made to this music.”

Miss Shaw Headlines the 35th annual French Quarter Festival

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